Mary With Us During the Pandemic

We place ourselves in your keeping, Holy Mother of God. Refuse not the prayer of your children in their distress, but deliver us from all danger, ever Virgin glorious and blessed.

As the current pandemic frightens and isolates us, as so many throughout the world are afflicted, we trust in the prayers of Our Blessed Lady. She is never far from us, always attentive to our needs. Mary protects us and accompanies us; we trust in her powerful intercession. She is everywhere in the Abbey watching over us, her images and icons in sacred spaces as well as the workplaces.

She is our Mother and our Refuge in all tribulation. We are greatly consoled by her words to Saint Juan Diego in 1531:

Do listen, do be assured of it, my littlest one, that nothing at all should alarm you, should trouble you, nor in any way disturb your countenance, your heart. For am I not here, I, your mother? Are you not in the cool of my shadow? In the breeziness of my shade? Is it not I that am your source of contentment? Are you not cradled in my mantle, cuddled in the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?

We commend our friends, relatives, benefactors and all the peoples of our world to the love and protection of the Virgin Mary in these days. We plead for an end to the pandemic and for the healing of the sick, for healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and all those working in these days to guarantee the smooth functioning of society. We remember the numerous victims of the pandemic, and pray for the consolation and comfort of their families and friends.