Vocational Visits

Those single Roman Catholic men between the ages of 25 and 45 who notice an attraction to the monastic life are always welcome to visit us and may contact the Vocation Director at any time- vocation@spencerabbey.org, tel 508.885.8700 x518. The Vocation Director is always ready to listen, encourage and counsel any prospective candidate and can schedule an on-site interview.

Additionally twice each year in the autumn and again in the spring, we host a Monastic Experience Weekend for those who believe they may be called to the monastic life. The next Monastic Experience Weekend is October 6–8, 2017.

During the Monastic Experience Weekend candidates join the monks to pray the Office in choir and have opportunities to work and speak personally with the monks and other men who are discerning a monastic vocation. There are conferences on monastic life, on Saturday evening one of the monks shares the story of his vocation and on Sunday candidates are invited to join the monks for Chapter as well as dinner in the monastic refectory.

To register for a Monastic Experience Weekend inquiries should be made to the Vocation Director- vocation@spencerabbey.org, tel 508.885.8700 x518.